My Top 3 Baby Gadgets

My youngest son Myles is officially 1 month old! I’m celebrating the fact that we made it through the first month of the newborn period (not to mention 17 months with my oldest son Mason). The newborn period is rough. Thankfully Myles is pretty much the calmest, easiest baby ever (so far, fingers crossed that this lasts) which is a pretty stark contrast to what we experienced the first time around with Mason. But feeling more experienced because I’m a second time parent makes a huge difference as well. There are also a few products/gadgets that I love that make things easier with both of my sons. None of these things are necessities, you only need the basics and a lot of love to raise a happy baby, but I’m grateful to have added these things to my routine.  Here are my top 3 favorites in no particular order. This is NOT a sponsored post, just my opinion. If there are other baby products that make/made your life easier please let me know in the comments!


Hatch Baby Rest Night Light & Sound Machine– My oldest son Mason was never a very good sleeper. During the newborn period he woke up every 1.5 hours, and didn’t start sleeping 3-4 hour stretches until he was about 4 months old. I was a walking zombie for those first 4 months! He continued waking up 1-3 times throughout the night for the next several months, long after I had gone back to work and needed more rest. After he turned 1, I was desperate for a solution that would help him really sleep through the night. I read about how helpful sound machines can be and decided to purchase the Hatch because it can be programmed and turned on and off with your iPhone (perfect for when you want to make an adjustment to the sound without actually stepping back into the room and waking up your little one).

The first night went beautifully, I played ocean sounds and he slept through the night without waking up once!  Since the sound machine became a regular part of Mason’s bedtime routine he rarely wakes during the night. Myles doesn’t need it yet, he goes to sleep pretty easily and needs to wake up every 2-3 hours to eat anyways right now, but when he gets older I will probably purchase a second one for him until he moves into the room with Mason.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 8.26.36 AM

Moonlite Storybook Projector– The hatch nursery sound machine might help Mason stay asleep longer but the Moonlite Storybook projector is the main tool that helps me get him to sleep at his bedtime every night. It attaches to your phone and projects a story onto the wall (via different story reels that you purchase), with a corresponding phone app that gives you the text of the story with lullaby music and sound effects. Being able to use it to read to him in the dark allows me to get him to the point where he’s really sleepy before I put him in his crib, plus using it every night gives us built-in bonding time.


Snuggle Me Organic Sensory Lounger– I co-slept with Mason until he was about 6 months old. I know that’s not recommended, but it worked best for us as a family while I was breastfeeding. I’m also co-sleeping with Myles but I knew this time around I wanted to put him in something that would make me feel a little more secure, and I debated between the Dock a Tot and the Snuggle Me. I went with the Snuggle Me because it has a patented design that hugs the baby and promotes sleep. So far I love it! Myles always looks so snug and comfortable in it and it’s easy to tote around and wash.

There are definitely some other products that should get a mention for making our lives a little easier (including one of my favorite items that just came to mind- the Gathre mat that I use under Mason’s highchair) but I’d love to hear from you! And if you don’t have kids but you’ve purchased a baby gift for someone else that you know was useful, let us know.

Wishing you self-care,


3 thoughts on “My Top 3 Baby Gadgets

    1. 😂
      Haha I think any of these would definitely make a great baby shower gift! And the starter pack for the Moonlite projector is only $25 at Target, definitely a great value


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